Saturday 24 May 2014

Tomorrow's Kingdom

by Maureen Fergus
Razorbill Canada
464 pp.
Ages 12-16
Release July 2014

Maureen Fergus' Gypsy King trilogy will soon be completed with the publication of the final book, Tomorrow's Kingdom. Readers met Persephone and Azriel in The Gypsy King (Razorbill, 2012), the first book in this powerful high fantasy series.  In its sequel, A Fool's Errand (Razorbill, 2013), Maureen Fergus eloquently lead readers to another cliffhanger. Only with the publication of Tomorrow's Kingdom will all be answered, I hope.  But I have to warn you: the following trailer seems more like a teaser, since the book is still weeks away from release.

"Tomorrow's Kingdom" Trailer

Uploaded by Maureen Fergus on April 20, 2014 to YouTube.