Friday 9 January 2015

The Cat's Maw: Book 1, The Shadowland Saga

by Brooke Burgess
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
278 pp.
Ages 10+
September, 2014

Encouraged to include this book trailer, and reading a positive Kirkus review, I'm going to consider giving this book a perusal.  Here's the story synopsis provided on the author's website at

In the sleepy town of Appleton, a young loner follows a cat onto the road and is struck by a car. A leg is shattered, a summer is ruined, and the troubled life of Billy Brahm goes from bad… to cursed. When the mysterious cat appears at his bedside, Billy is haunted by strange and prophetic dreams — the creatures in them speak of Watchers, and Shadows, and the Enemy that Awakens. Does this impossible realm hold the key to healing the broken boy? Is the golden-eyed cat there to help him… or to make the nightmares come true? Too frightened to share the truth with his strict adoptive parents, Billy realizes that the only ones he can turn to are the local vet’s daughter, the town’s ‘crazy cat lady’… and the mystical tiger from his dreams.

THE CAT'S MAW Official Book Trailer
Uploaded by Brooke Burgess on August 24, 2014 to YouTube.